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How to connect Lootly to Shopper Approved
How to connect Lootly to Shopper Approved

Connect Lootly with your Shopper Approved app to reward reviews with points.

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This guide will help you to connect your Shopper Approved account with Lootly and reward your customers with points for completing various actions including:

  • Write a Product Review

  • Submit a Photo

  • Submit a Video

Step 1: Connect your Shopper Approved account with Lootly

The following steps should only take 1 minute, and will show you how to add your Lootly credentials into your Shopper Approved account.

  • Login in your Shopper Approved admin panel and navigate to the App Marketplace -> click on Lootly

Once you’ve landed on the app screen, the next step is to add your Lootly credentials:

The API key and the API secret can be found in your Lootly Account Settings (navigate to Account Settings in Lootly from the right top corner and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the API Keys section).

Save your changes.

Step 2: Configure the Shopper Approved earning action

Now that you’ve successfully connected your Shopper Approved account to Lootly, the final step is to configure your earning action.

  • Click Points > Earning > Add

  • Scroll down to the reviews section and click Shopper Approved

Once inside the settings area, from here you can easily configure how many points to give for each content type.

For example, since photos and videos take the customer more time to complete - consider giving them additional points for completing this process.

Once you’re all done with the settings, click “Save” at the top and you’re all done.

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