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How to integrate Lootly with Paywhirl
How to integrate Lootly with Paywhirl
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Lootly now integrates with Paywhirl - a recurring payments and subscription software.

The goal of this integration

This integration allows you to automatically sync your subscription plans with the VIP tiers in your loyalty program.

This will allow customers who purchased a subscription to be rewarded based on it.

For example, if you have plan A - $1/m, plan B - $2/m and plan C - $3/m, you could decide to sync these plans with 3 VIP tiers in the loyalty program: tier A - synced with plan A, tier B - synced with plan B and tier C synced with plan C.

You would define different benefits in the different tiers, based on the subscription plans.

For example, you may want to offer more points per dollar to the most expensive subscription plan.

How the integration works

The integration is simple and works in the following way:

  • Customer subscribes to a new plan in Paywhirl = Customer is added to a Lootly VIP tier.

  • Customer changes plan in Paywhirl = Customer is switched to a different tier in Lootly.

  • Customer cancels plan in Paywhirl = Customer VIP tier removed in Lootly

This is handled automatically and does not require any efforts from you, except the initial setup.

How to connect Lootly to Paywhirl

To connect Paywhirl and Lootly, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Paywhirl to Lootly

To do this, login into your Lootly account and navigate to Integrations > Browse Apps > Subscriptions > open Paywhirl

Add the API key & API secret from Paywhirl into your Lootly account.

Click enable > save

2. Add Lootly webhook to Paywhirl account

In your Lootly account, navigate to Integrations > Manage > Paywhirl

Copy the webhook at the bottom

Go to your Paywhirl account > Developer > Webhooks

Set these events:

  • Customer created

  • Customer updated

  • Subscription created

  • Subscription updated

  • Subscription deleted

Then click save.

3. Set Plan ID in VIP Paid Membership

To get the plan IDs from Paywhirl plans, you’d navigate to: Plans > Manage

Once you have the plan IDs, go to your Lootly account > VIP tiers:

  • Create new VIP tier with paid membership selected

  • Enter in the PW plan ID and price (please note that the fields for plan ID and price will display only is Paywhirl is successfully connected)

  • Configure the rest of tier settings and save

You're all set!

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