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How to import your customers point balance and order data into Lootly
How to import your customers point balance and order data into Lootly

Transfer your customers point balance from another loyalty software provider. Import customers’ past order data to reward it with points.

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Lootly offers 2 importing tools: one for importing your customers points balance (this one is super useful when you’re changing loyalty point providers) and another for importing past order data to reward points for it or to take it into account for the VIP program requirements.

This article explores how to do this and a few things to keep in mind when importing data to your Lootly account.

Importing customers point balance

This is super easy to do, you simply need to download the sample file to see how to format it and then upload it into Lootly.

Of course, you’ll need to be able to export the data from your previous system before you do this.

Customers -> All Customers -> Import Actions -> Import Customers:

Click on the sample template link to download the sample file for your data.

Award “create account” action points - this option allows you to add points for creating an account in the program. This is useful if you want to do a reintroduction of the loyalty program and if you’re changing earning rules. It will instantly issue points to customers and notify them of the change.

If you wish to do this, check the box before you click Import Customers.

Note: if you plan to set points to expire, please have this set up before you upload the customers and their existing point balance. It is important to do this so the system can calculate the imported points as well.

Importing customers past orders

You can import past order data into Lootly.

The process is simple and pretty straightforward, similarly to importing customers.

To do this go to Import Actions and click on Import Orders.

Download the sample template to match formatting rules.

Please make sure formatting is correct, otherwise the upload will not be successful.

Send Create an Account point earning emails - once you upload past order data, you can send emails to people to let them know you’re giving them points for creating an account with your brand. Check this box if you wish to do this, before you click Import Order Data.

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