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How to integrate Lootly with
How to integrate Lootly with

Connect Lootly with to run highly effective reviews campaigns for your e-business.

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Reviews are super important for an online business and Lootly integrates with your favorite platforms to make running your reviews campaigns easy and super effective.

This guide explains how to connect Lootly with - Product Reviews.

It’s super easy and fast - once connected Lootly makes sure each customer who leaves an product review for your business gets points in return.

Step 1. Connect to Lootly

  • Navigate to Integrations from your Lootly main menu -> Browse Apps - > Choose Reviews and UGC -> Select

  • Click on the Connect button -> a popup will show and ask you to connect to your account

Once done - the integration is live and you can see this in your active integrations as “enabled”.

Step 2: Add a new earning action

  • Navigate to Points -> Earning -> Add action -> Choose “ - Write a review”

  • Configure the earning action: choose how many points you want to give a customer for leaving a product review plus the other details of the action.

  • Enable the action at the top and click Save.

Now when a customer leaves a product review to your site and it’s approved, they will get points added to their balance.

Note: the earning action is only for product reviews, meaning only product reviews can get points.

You're all set.

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