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How to integrate Lootly with Tremendous
How to integrate Lootly with Tremendous

Learn how to connect Lootly to your Tremendous account and offer gift cards as sender rewards for successful referrals.

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You may want to offer a gift card as a reward for a successful referral to your customers. The integration with Tremendous enables you to do this automatically and with just a few clicks.

This guide explains how to connect Lootly to your Tremendous account and how to configure the sender reward type - gift cards.

Step 1: Connect Lootly to Tremendous

  • In your Lootly account, navigate to Integrations from the main menu.

Click on Browse apps -> find Tremendous and click Connect:

Before you click connect please make sure Tremendous has granted API access for your account. You can reach out to to confirm.

Once you click Connect, Tremendous will prompt you to login to your account. If you do not have an account yet, click "Get started here" at the top to create a free account.

Now that the integration is successfully connected, it's time to create your Gift Card campaign within Tremendous. This campaign ID will later be selected from the Sender Rewards screen.

Step 2: Set up the gift card campaign in Tremendous

  • In your Tremendous account, first make sure you have a payment method set up so that the campaign can issue gift cards to your customers. Navigate to Account settings -> Billing -> Payment methods:

  • Next, create a Campaign in Tremendous account.

Navigate to Campaign Templates -> Create Campaign:

Once the campaign has been created, you'll see a list of campaigns on the right side.

Step 3: Configure the sender reward in the referral program

In Lootly, navigate to referrals -> rewards -> sender reward -> add reward -> choose Tremendous Gift card.

When configuring your sender reward settings for a Gift Card, there are a few new fields to be aware of:

  1. Reward Settings > Campaign ID - enter in the Campaign ID which can be found on the right side of the Campaigns page within your Tremendous account (see example screenshot below).

  2. Reward Settings > Gift Card Amount - enter in the reward amount of the gift card. The amount can be within the range of 5 - 500.

Once completed, continue to configure the design settings similar to other actions within Lootly.

Enable the reward and save your changes.

How the integration works

When the sender makes a successful referral, Tremendous will be responsible for emailing the customer with their gift card.

Lootly will handle all reporting within your account to help give a full overview of how well the Tremendous Gift Card program is working for your referrals program.

You're all set!

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