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Customize your free products section to show items by points tiers
Customize your free products section to show items by points tiers

Give your customers an easy way to find all the options available to them, based on available point balance.

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This guide will walk you through how to setup the Free Products Section within your Rewards Page to showcase products by their points tier. The benefit of enabling this feature, allows customers to more easily see what free items are available to them, based on their current point balance.

Note: This feature is only available with our latest Reward Page V2. If you're using our legacy reward page (prior to 2022), you will need to update. To learn more about all the great functionality of our latest reward page, please view our support guide.

Getting Started

From: Display > Rewards Page > (select current page) > Edit

Once on the page, click the left side section: Free Products > Design > Advanced , from here, you'll need to select the following:

  • Click the checkbox "Display free products by points tier"

  • Click "+ Add Tier" to add a new points tier

From here, you can add as many point tiers as you like, each containing a unique Start & End value (display example: 100 - 500 Points). Once you're happy with the options selected, click Save.

Here's an example of how the page could look once Tiers have been established for various free products in your store.

Please make sure you have created the free product rewards in Points-> Spending prior to creating this section on the page.

Note: If this setting is disabled in the future, the free products section will automatically revert back to the default design where all free products are shown in the same section and sorted from Lowest > Highest point redemption requirement.

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