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How to integrate with Help Scout
How to integrate with Help Scout

Learn how to show your customer's loyalty information with each ticket

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The Help Scout integration will allow your customer service team to see a live view of each customer's loyalty data to assist with better communication.

This guide will explain how to connect Lootly to Help Scout, and also provide a breakdown of which data points are pushed over.

Step 1: Connect Lootly to Help Scout

To get started, you will first need to enable the Help Scout integration within your Lootly account and then proceed over to your Help Scout account for the final process.

  • Click Integrations > Browse Apps

  • Find Help Scout > Connect

Once on the Help Scout integration page, you'll see a few options including your App Setup information. Keep this browser tab open since you'll need to copy these values into your Help Scout account.

Step 2: Setup your Lootly app in Help Scout

Open a new browser tab and login to your Help Scout account. Once logged in, please go to the following section:

  • Click Manage > Apps

  • Click Create (right button)

Once within the App creation page, click the Create button again on the far left.

You'll now be within the area to add the Lootly app. Open up the other browser tab for your Lootly account, and copy & paste the App name & Content URL into the provided fields.

Next, click on the Settings tab to select your Inbox where you would like the Lootly app information to display, then click Save to complete the process.

Step 3: View customer loyalty information in Help Scout

Once the the app is saved, you should now see the Lootly app appear within the right sidebar of your inbox. From here, your customer service team will be able to see the following data points:

  • Point Balance

  • VIP Tier

  • Birthday

  • Referral URL

Note: The Point Balance and VIP Tier are automatically updated once an event occurs which causes their values to change.

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