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Points Program Basics
Points Program Basics

Learn about each section within the Points Menu

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The Points section in your Lootly menu, helps you to create the core of your loyalty & rewards program. This article explains each of the 5 sections within the Lootly points menu.

1. Overview

The Overview screen gives you a quick understanding of your: Popular Earning Actions, Popular Spending Rewards and Latest Points Activity. 

2. Earning

The Earning screen is where you can create new ways for customers to earn points with your program, or edit existing earning actions. 

3. Spending

The Spending screen is where you can create exciting new rewards for customers to redeem their points. You can also edit existing rewards from here as well. 

4. Activity

The Activity screen allows you to get an in-depth look into all of the earning & spending actions being completed by your customers. You can filter, search and export data as well. 

5. Settings

lootly points program

The Settings screen allows you to enable/disable your points program, customize your points branding and enable points expiration. 

Points expiration

Points expiration is a rolling expiration, meaning the customer's point balance will expire in the set time period from the last point balance change.

For example, if your customer earned 500 pts on Jan 1st 2023, then another 200 pts on March 1st 2023, with points expiration enabled before January and set to 1 year, the entire point balance of 700 pts will expire on March 1st 2024.

In the Points Expiration section, you can also use the Advanced Option to display points expiration date in the widget:

points expiration program
  • check the "Display points expiration time within widget" box

  • in the "Expiration text" box - choose what you want to say in the text

  • choose the date format in "Date Format" box

  • enable and customize point expiration reminder emails

Save your changes.

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