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Lootly makes it easy to add new ways for your customers to interact with your store and spend their points for awesome rewards. 

This guide provides an overview on how to create spending rewards for your loyalty program. 

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1. Adding new spending rewards

To get started, click on Points > Spending from your Lootly account. From here, click "Add Reward" on the top right. 

Once you've clicked "Add Reward", you will see a list of reward types. Select the one you wish to add by clicking "Add Reward" to the right. 

2. Customize spending reward settings

Each spending reward will have slightly different fields, since each reward behaves differently. For this example, I'm creating a "Fixed amount discount" reward. 

Each spending reward will ask you to do the following: 

  • Define the amount of points the customer has to spend to obtain this reward

  • Define the discount value this coupon will apply to the order. 

If you're not sure about point values, be sure to read our best practices guide for points & rewards. 

Reward Tips

  • You can set a minimum order amount in order for coupons to be redeemed, by entering a value into the "minimum order amount" text field.

  • We recommend that most discounts do not require a minimum order amount, to encourage higher engagement from users. You can offset the cost of the coupon by requiring more points for redemption.

Rewards for one time and subscription products

When creating a spending reward, you have the option to define the product type where this coupon is applicable.

You can choose from two options:

  • One-time products

  • Subscription products

You can choose between either option or both.

At checkout, if the customer attempts to use a one-time coupon on a subscription product, an error message will appear.

NOTE: At this moment, this feature is only available to Shopify users. If you're a Shopify user and you have subscriptions enabled, you can use this feature.

3. Coupon Expiration

This is an optional feature that allows you to define if / when this coupon will expire. By default, expiration is disabled. 

To enable this feature click the "Enable" button, and then enter in a value for the amount of Days / Weeks / Months / Years, when this coupon will expire. 

4. VIP - only and Goal Referral only reward

Each of the spending rewards you define can be set to be a VIP only reward or a Goal referral only reward.

  1. VIP- only reward

Provided you're running a VIP program, this feature will allow you to define rewards that will apply only to the members of the VIP tiers.

If this option is enabled, then the defined reward will not be visible in the widget to customers who aren't members in the VIP tiers and they will not be able to redeem points for this reward.

Creating a VIP-only reward is the same as creating a regular spending reward.

The only difference is checking the advanced option box: VIP-only reward:

vip rewards

Check out all the different types of reward you can add in a VIP tier here.

2. Goal Referrals only reward

Provided you're running a referrals program in which you offer rewards based on the number of successful referrals, you can create a reward that will only apply to referrers who meet your criteria.

Similarly like the VIP-only reward, the goal referrals only reward isn't visible in the widget and customers can't redeem points for it.

Creating a goal referrals-only reward is the same as creating a regular spending reward.

The only difference is checking the advanced option box: Goal referrals-only reward:

Save your changes.

5. Advanced Customization 

Lootly allows you to take advantage of advanced methods for targeting specific customers and the design of rewards.

Note:  Advanced options require a paid plan to Lootly. 

  • Spending Conditions

  • Design Customization

  • Notification Customization 

  • Spending limits

Spending conditions

You can set conditions on who should be able to use the reward you're offering and also on which product/category can/can't it be applied.

spending conditions lootly

If you're setting product restrictions, please note that this type of condition can only be set for:

  • $ off, % off, variable off reward types

  • Referrals > Sender and Receiver rewards (except for points or referral goals)

Note: the "none of" condition for product restrictions, in Lootly is directly supported for merchants running on Woocommerce and Magento 1 and 2.

Learn how to set the product restriction "none of" in Shopify ( meaning to prevent coupon codes being applied to particular products/collections).

Spending Limits

Spending limits allow you to configure how many times can a single customer redeem the reward in question.

That's it!

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