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Types of rewards in the VIP tiers
Types of rewards in the VIP tiers

See what type of benefits you can offer to the members in your VIP tiers.

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A VIP program is as attractive as the benefits you offer to customers for being members in the VIP Tiers. In Lootly, you can define several types of different rewards for your VIP customers. This guide explains these types of rewards and how they work in more detail.

Reward type: Point Multiplier

The point multiplier feature allows you to define a higher number of points earned per $1 spent at your store.

For example: if you’ve set the: “Make a Purchase” earning action to be “earn 1 point per $1 spent” and then add a point multiplier of 2 in your first tier, that means that members in that tier will earn 2 points per $1 spent at your store.

You can choose a different point multiplier for each of your VIP Tiers:

point multiplier

Note: if you don’t want to add a point multiplier, enter “1” in this field.

This way customers in the tier will earn the same amount of points per $1 spent as what you defined in your “Make a Purchase” earning action.

Reward Type: Entry Rewards

Entry rewards are a one-time reward that you give to customers as they reach a VIP tier.

This means that this specific reward can only be obtained by a customer once, when they reach the specific VIP tier for the first time in their VIP journey. If they find themselves in this same tier again in the future ( they didn't meet tier criteria for the next higher tier so they've fallen off) they won't receive the entry reward again.

For this type of reward, customers don’t spend any points but rather receive the coupon code to apply it directly at checkout when they shop at your store.

You can choose any of the rewards in “Spending Actions” to be an entry reward for your VIP tiers:

rewards VIP

You can also add multiple entry rewards by clicking the “Add” button right above the trash box.

Reward Type: Lifetime Rewards

Lifetime rewards are a type of rewards that don’t expire - as long as your customer is a member of the specific tier in which you’re offering this reward, they will have access to it.

Similarly like the entry rewards, you can choose any of the rewards you have defined in “Spending Actions” to be a lifetime reward for your VIP tiers:

reward VIP tier

You can also add multiple lifetime rewards by clicking the “Add” button right above the trash box.

Birthday points - birthday points are a lifetime reward type. This means, members of the tier in which you offer this reward, can earn more points on their birthday than the customers who are not in the VIP tier structure. It's a great incentive to offer!

NOTE: "celebrate a birthday" earning action has to be enabled in the points program for this type of reward to work properly.

The lifetime reward type will override the earning action value if the customer is in a VIP tier at the time of their birthday date - meaning, the customer will get only the lifetime birthday points, not both.

Reward Type: Custom Rewards

Custom rewards are a type of reward you give to members of the tier as per your choice. This means that you can decide what will be the reward you’ll give to customers and have that displayed in the widget so members of the tier are informed of all the perks you offer.

For example, this can be: “2 tickets to the new James Bond movie premiere”

custom reward vip tier

Click the “Add” button above the trash icon if you want to add multiple custom rewards.

Save your changes.

That’s it.

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