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Tiered (VIP) Loyalty Program Overview
Tiered (VIP) Loyalty Program Overview

Learn what is a Tiered Loyalty Program and the features Lootly offers you so you can create a winning VIP program for your e-store.

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A tiered loyalty program allows you to offer your customers the feeling of exclusivity and belonging to a special group in your community.

Lootly offers you powerful tools to design your VIP tiers, customize the benefits you’ll offer and track the success of your program.

VIP Overview

  1. In your main menu, go to VIP

  2. Here, you’ll see 4 options: Activity, Members, Tiers and Settings

Let's dive into each section and what you can do with each of the features in them.

Watch a video tutorial 👇


  1. Navigate to VIP -> Activity

  2. In this screen, you are able to track all the activity that happens in your tiered program: new members, members who upgraded into a higher tier, see their current tier status etc.

  3. You can choose the time period for which you wish to see activity data;

  4. You can search a particular tier member by name, last name and/or email address;

  5. You can export your tier activity data for a given time period:

vip tiered program


  1. Navigate to VIP -> Members

  2. Here you can see a complete breakdown of your tiered program’s members in terms of member profile, number of purchases, total order amount, total number of points earned, current VIP status and last purchase made;

  3. In addition to the export feature and the feature to filter your members data by specific time period, you can also search members, click to open a members’ profile and filter your data by Tier:

vip tiered program


  1. Navigate to VIP -> Tiers

  2. This is where you can see the membership tiers you have defined, edit them and add new ones as you deem appropriate:

vip tiers program

Learn how to create a tier here.


  1. Navigate to VIP -> Settings

  2. Here you can enable your program by clicking on the Enable button;

  3. Choose the criteria for a customer to enter a given tier - Lootly offers you 2 ways to set the criteria for entering a tier in your program: Amount spent and Points Earned. This means, you can set the tier entry criteria based on the amount of money spent in the defined rolling period or the amount of points earned during this period.

  4. Choose the Earning Rolling Period - the earning rolling period allows you to define the earning period for which a customer can maintain their tier status. You can choose from 1 month to 2 years or No Earning Period which means your customers don’t lose their tier membership if they’re not earning points or spending money at your store.

Here’s an example of how the earning rolling period applies to maintaining tier membership:

  • Your customer spent $1500 on 12/01/2020 and entered your Gold VIP Tier.

  • The earning rolling period is set to 1 year.

  • This means this customer has to spend that same amount throughout the year to ensure it renews for the next year. So by 12/01/2021 the customer needs to have spent X amount as a Gold VIP customer to ensure the tier status renews to another year.

  • This will show in Tiers, right below the tier name, for example: “1500 points earned in the last 365 days”

5. Once you set up the settings, Save your changes:

tiered vip program

That’s the overview of the Lootly tiered loyalty program option.

Next, dive into the simple process of creating and customizing a tier and learn how customers obtain a tier during their shopping experience at your e-store.

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