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How to create a VIP tier
How to create a VIP tier

Learn how to create your first VIP tier and how to set the criteria for customers to obtain a tier.

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After you have strategically defined the rewards you’ll offer in each tier as well as the actions required by customers to get in these special groups, you can log into your Lootly account and set it all up to show in the program widget.

This guide shows you how to do this step by step, from scratch.

Step 1: Add your first tier

  1. From the main menu, navigate to VIP -> Tiers.

  2. Click on Add Tier:

3. You will automatically be taken to the tier design page, where you can start adding all the information about your newly created tier.

Step 2: Configure the tier settings

  1. Add general information about your tier such as a tier name and amount of points earned to qualify for this tier in the specified earning rolling period:

2. Add the benefits that will be available to the members of this tier

  • Add a specific points multiplier allowing customers to earn more from buying from you and to make the new VIP tier more attractive for customers to join;

  • Add entry rewards - reward your customers for obtaining this tier with one-time entry rewards: you can choose from several options such as % off, $ off, free shipping, free product or entry points;

  • Add Lifetime rewards - make this tier distinctive by offering lifetime rewards to members such as birthday points in addition to discounts and free perks;

  • Add Custom rewards - get creative and offer your tier members out-of-the box rewards specific to their desires:

Learn more about the types of VIP tier rewards here.

3. Setup notifications

  • You can set an email notification to be sent out to customers when they obtain this VIP tier:

  • Click on Edit Notification to customize the design and text of the email.

4. Setup VIP Tier Conditions

If you want to keep control over your VIP program and exclude specific types of customers from joining, you can do this by setting conditions for the tiers.

  • Enable the VIP Tiers Conditions first;

  • Read the agenda to understand how the rules work;

  • Click on Add to add your first condition;

  • Choose the rule and the choose the customer tag it applies on:

5. Save your changes in the top right corner and enable your newly created VIP Tier:

On the right side, you’ll be able to see a preview of your tier:

That’s it!

Next learn how customers obtain a tier and how you can define the entry criteria as well as the requirements for maintaining tier membership.

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