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How your customers obtain a VIP tier
How your customers obtain a VIP tier

Learn how to set the criteria for customers to obtain a VIP tier in your tiered program.

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Before you start building your VIP tiers, you want to set the qualification criteria for tier entry and membership maintenance during a specified earning rolling period. This guide shows you where and how you can do this.

Step 1: Choose the requirement type

The requirement type can be “Points Earned” or “Amount Spent” .

Depending on your customers’ buying habits as well as your business goals, choose the appropriate type:

  1. Go to VIP -> Settings

  2. In Tier Options choose the requirement type:

vip loyalty program

Step 2: Choose the earning rolling period

The earning rolling period is the time for your customers to maintain their tier status. As long as the customer is spending enough or earning points within this time period, they will keep their VIP status.

How does this work?

Our system checks the amount spent/ points earned by a customer daily. Based on the earning rolling period duration you've set, it will count transactions in the last t-earning rolling period timeframe and based on that it calculates in which tier should a customer be placed.

For example, if you've chosen the earning rolling period to be 3 months, then the system will daily check whether criteria for tiers was met in the last 90 days and adjust tier memberships accordingly.

You can choose between 1 month up to 2 years or No Earning period.

“No Earning period” means once your customer reaches the tier, they can’t lose their membership regardless how much they spend or earn points.

Similarly as above:

  1. Go to VIP ->Settings

  2. In Tier Options choose the earning rolling period:

vip program

Save your changes.


  1. How does order data import affect VIP tiers?

    • When you import customers orders, the system will take into account the first order date in the imported file and calculate the earning rolling period based on that date. For example, if the customer's first order in the file was placed in January, and you've launched your VIP program in June the same year with 1 year earning rolling period, the system will calculate this customer's rolling period from January onwards.

  2. How does importing customers with VIP tier work?

    • If you import your customers with their VIP tier, note that the system will recalculate their actual tier membership based on your current tier membership criteria and the customer's point balance or amount spend.

  3. How does manually changing VIP tier work?

    • If you manually adjust a VIP tier, this change will stay permanent. Customer's changes in point balance/ amount spend will not affect their tier membership.

That’s it!

You can now start building your VIP tiers and launch your VIP tiered program for your customers.

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