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How to set VIP Tier Conditions
How to set VIP Tier Conditions

Set up tier conditions to control who can and can’t become a member of your VIP program.

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A business has various types of customers: individuals, wholesale customers and other categories. You may want to control who is eligible to become a VIP customer and enjoy the benefits you offer. Or, you may want to be able to create different tier benefits for different types of customers.

Lootly offers you this type of advanced audience targeting and this guide shows you how to set tier conditions.

Step 1: Categorize and tag your customers

Categorize your customers for ease of use - for example, if you have wholesale customers this will be one type of customers called “wholesale”.

Once you’ve done this you can find the eligible customers in the Customers menu and open their customer profile where you’ll add the tag:

customer segmentation vip

If you have a lot of customers to which you want to add the same tag, you can do it in bulk. Learn how to tag your customers in bulk.

Step 2 : Understanding how tier conditions work

Before you go into adding your conditions, you should understand how they work in the system. For this purpose, we have added a detailed explanation of the offered conditions:

vip tier conditions

Based on the tag you can set one of the following rules:

  • “Has any of” - the customer should contain any of the tags you define in the rule to be eligible for the tier;

  • “Has none of” -if a customer has any of the defined tags in the rule he/she will not be able to enter the tier;

  • “Equals” - the customer should contain the exact tags to qualify for entering this tier.

For example, if you wish to prevent wholesale customers from entering this VIP tier, you’ll add a rule:

Customer tag has none of “wholesale”

Step 3: Configuring the rules and enabling the conditions

Once you’ve strategized and defined the rules on the VIP tier conditions, you’re ready to implement them in your program.

  1. Go to VIP ->Tiers and open the tier for which you want to set conditions;

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to VIP Tier Conditions section

  3. Set the rules: click on the “Add” button next to Customer Conditions

  4. Select the logic setting in the first box and then select the appropriate tag in the second box:

vip tier rules

5. Add as many conditions as you need by clicking the “Add” button.

6. Enable the conditions - once you’re done setting the rules, click the “Enable” button in the VIP Tier Section:

enable vip tier conditions

7. Save your changes on the Tier page in the right top corner.

That’s it!

You’ve set tier conditions and are now in full control over who is and isn’t eligible to enter your VIP program.

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