Customize the program widget

Complete customization of the rewards program widget to match your vision and brand.

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Customize how the website widget for the program looks like for website visitors and logged-in customers.

Customize text, branding, colors and images to convey your loyalty marketing messaging, guide your customers and communicate vital information regarding their loyalty data.

This guide explains how to customize the logged-out and logged-in views of the widget.

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Widget Customization - logged out (guest) view

Go to Display -> Widget -> Edit Widget to get to the customization panel for the widget.

By default, the widget contains a welcome screen, points and rewards screen, VIP and Referrals screen displaying information about your program offer.

In each of the display screens, you can customize several elements for each of the programs:

  • Messaging;

  • Font ( size and color)

  • Colors

  • Background images

  • Icons

loyalty app customization

Once you’re done with customization, save your changes.

Widget Customization - logged-in view

Go to Display -> Widget -> Edit Widget to get to the customization mode for the widget.

At the top of the page, click on the Switch to Logged in button:

The system will open the customization mode for the logged in view of the widget where you can customize several screens.

Once you’re done with the customizations, save your changes.

Widget Branding

You can customize the widget to fit your overall e-store web design and brand.

You can also completely revamp its default look to really fit in your ideal vision by applying CSS.

Read more about widget branding here.

Customize the tab

The tab that presents your program on the website should be eye-catchy but also blended in the rest of the design of the website. You want customers and website visitors to notice it and interact with it, so make sure to customize its looks based on your insights in your customer behavior and preferences.

More details on tab customization here.

That's it!

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