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How to set a Goal Referrals Reward
How to set a Goal Referrals Reward

Gamify your referral program. Incentivize customers with better rewards based on the number of referrals they send.

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If you want to create a tiered referral schema by offering better rewards to customers as they send more referrals, you can do so with the sender reward type: goal referrals reward.

This guide explains the benefits of using this reward type and how to set it in Lootly.

Why use a goal referrals reward type?

You can gamify your referrals program by defining “milestones” for your customers and thus offer better rewards as they hit those goals. That way, you can offer rewards they find valuable without putting too much pressure on your business.

In addition, with this reward type you incentivize your customers to advocate for your brand which not only brings you new customers, but also raises brand awareness and most importantly, strengthens the relationship with your customers, essentially boosting loyalty.

Watch a short video on how to configure a Goal Referrals sender reward 👇

How to set this reward type in Lootly?

Step 1: Define the rewards you’ll offer at each milestone

Your strategy will include 2 variables you should define upfront:

  • The number of referrals, customers should make at each milestone;

  • The type of reward you’ll offer for reaching each milestone.

To configure this in Lootly, the first step is to create the rewards.

  1. Go to Points -> Spending -> Add Reward

  2. Choose from free product, free shipping, fixed amount, percentage off or custom reward discount.

  3. Enter the reward details - learn how to add a spending reward;

  4. Choose whether you want the reward to be redeemable for points or set it only as a goal referrals reward - set the reward as “goal referrals only” if you don’t want this particular reward to be visible in the widget and redeemable for points. On the spending reward page, scroll down to the “Advanced'' section and check the “goal referrals only” box. This ensures that customers can’t redeem points for this particular reward, and this can only be available as a referral reward. If you do want this particular reward to be redeemable for points as well, then don’t check this box.

goal referrals

5. Save your reward.

6. Do this for all the rewards you wish to offer at each milestone.

Step 2: Configuring the referral reward

Setting the goal referrals reward in your referral program is pretty simple:

  1. Go to Referrals -> Rewards

  2. Click Add Reward for the Sender Reward ( if you already have a reward set and you wish to change this, click “remove this reward” to add a new reward type):

referral program rewards

3. From the offered options, choose “Goal Referrals”

4. Configure the reward:

  • In the Reward Details section, enter the referral milestones and the corresponding rewards:

gamified referral program

  • In the first column enter the number of referrals a customer needs to send;

  • In the second column choose the reward for each milestone

  • You can add multiple milestones, and also remove a milestone.

5. Configure the rest of the reward details such as the email notification and also add a custom icon to display in the widget.

6. Save your changes.

You’re all set!

Track customers’ referrals

You can see a customer’s referral history and follow the success of the referrals they send.

Get a full overview of the referral process in Referrals -> Activity ( you can filter the data by various criteria)

Also, find a particular customer’s profile and check out their referral history in Customers -> Find customer -> check out referral history on the page.

Customers can track their referral activity

Our widget offers a full referral activity view, where your customers can track their progress in reaching the milestones.

ecommerce referral program

After clicking on Your Referral Activity, customers can see a detailed view of who they sent a referral to, whether that friend joined your store and whether a reward has been issued to them:

referral tracking

If you have any questions about the goal referrals reward, reach out to us in the chat.

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