Add a Make a Purchase earning action

Set and customize the basic earning action in your loyalty program: earning points by placing orders.

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Earning points by placing orders at your store is the first and most important earning action you should offer in your loyalty program.

Lootly allows you to customize this action and maintain full control of who earns points on what product/category at your store.

This guide explains the various customization options you can set on the Make a Purchase earning action.

Customize general settings

Go to Points -> Earning -> Add Action -> choose “Make a Purchase” to add the action first.

Note: if the action is already added simply go to Earning -> open the “Make a Purchase” action to customize it.

In the general settings area, you can customize:

  • The earning type - whether you’ll be giving them a variable amount of points based on their spend or a fixed amount of points, regardless of their spend;

  • The number of points you’ll give when the action is completed:

Design settings

Choose how will you call the action and how you want it to be displayed in the widget:

You can also add a custom icon to display the action in the widget in the Custom Icon field.

Email Notifications

Choose whether you want Lootly to send email notifications to customers when they complete the “make a purchase” action and customize what do you want this notification to say:

You can further customize the email template for the notification by clicking on Edit Notification as shown in the upper image -> this will open a new tab in your browser where you can customize the template in which your notifications for all earning actions will be displayed.

Set earning conditions

Control who can earn points by placing orders in your program and also on which products/ categories.

This is an advanced level of customization of the basic earning action and is super useful for brands who have certain rules for various segments of customers.

Customer conditions - choose the customer segment based on the tags you’ve added to the customer profiles, such as “wholesale”, “dealer”, “retailers”, “influencers” etc.

Product/Category restrictions - choose the product/category on which you wish to set a condition. You can do this by typing the product id manually or search the dropdown to find the desired product/category in the “add option” field.

Follow the agenda to properly choose what you want to do.

Make sure you enable the conditions feature and save your changes.

Set earning limits

Set a limit of how many points can customers earn in a week, month, or a lifetime. This is especially useful if your products have a super high buying frequency and you want to control how many points you issue in a given time period:

Make sure the earning limits feature is enabled.

Save your changes and enable the Make a Purchase earning action.

That's it!

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