You can offer your customers a reward which they can obtain in exchange for points and use it toward their next subscription order.

Please note that this option is available to merchants who use Recharge to manage their subscriptions and the coupons generated can be used only on the Recharge checkout page; they CAN NOT be used on the regular Shopify or Bigcommerce checkout pages.

Note: Recharge must be connected to Lootly for you to be able to see this reward option.

This reward option is available on the Enterprise plan only.

Configure the reward in Lootly

Step 1: Add reward in spending action

  • Go to points -> spending actions -> add action -> scroll down to the subscriptions section -> click to add either the $ off or % off subscription discount:

recharge coupons

Step 2: Configure the reward section

Configure the reward just like you would any other spending action

How does this reward work for customers

Your customers don’t need to do anything different than the process of obtaining a regular reward.

  • They will see the reward in the widget

  • Can redeem points for it

  • Obtain the coupon code

  • Copy and paste it in the Recharge checkout page.

You're all set!

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