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Customize the Reward Available Email
Customize the Reward Available Email

Learn what is the reward available email, how to enable and customize it.

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One of the key elements that contribute to good program performance is notifying customers of the rewards they’re eligible to receive. The Reward Available email serves this purpose.

This guide explains in more detail what’s the purpose of the email, how it works, how you can customize it.

What’s the Reward Available email?

The Reward Available email is a system notification sent out to your customers automatically when they become eligible for a certain reward in your rewards program. That means, when a customer earns enough points to obtain a reward from your rewards offer, the system can automatically notify them that they’re now eligible to claim the reward.

Why is this important?

As explained in the overview, one of the key tactics to ensure program engagement as well as high point redemption is to make sure customers know of the rewards they’re eligible for and how they can obtain them. If they don’t know and aren’t notified, you’re risking a low engagement rate in your program and thus poor performance.

How does the Reward Available email work?

This email notification can be enabled or disabled in your program, making it optional for your program.

To enable/disable the notification, go to:

Display -> Email Notifications -> Reward Available (from the templates) -> Edit.

On the top of the screen you’ll see the option to enable/disable the notification:

Save your changes.

When is the reward available email sent?

This email is sent to customers when they have enough points in their balance to obtain a reward from your rewards program.

How often is the email sent?

Once the customer reaches a point threshold for a reward, the email is automatically sent out. This email is sent only one time, when the customer reaches a threshold point balance.

Can it be sent from my domain?

Yes it can be sent out from your domain. This is a customization option available in the platform if you wish to fully brand your program.

Learn how to do this in this guide: Custom sender domain

How to customize the Reward Available email

This email is customized directly in the Reward Available template.

To get to the email editor, go to:

Display -> Email Notifications -> Reward Available (from the templates) -> Edit.

You can customize the following elements:

  • “Subject line” - type in the subject line of the email

  • Body text formatting tools - format your text as you want

  • “<>” - tool for HTML editing. You can deploy your own custom template for the notification or revamp the existing design.

    NOTE: this requires knowledge of HTML.

  • Available variables - use the provided variables for your body text.

    NOTE: use only the variables that are displayed in this template. Do not use other variables from other templates or actions here.

  • Button text, button color and button URL - if you add the variable {button} in your email text, you can customize the text, color and the URL of where this button should take the customer who engages with it.

On the right side of the customization panel, you’ll be able to see a Preview of your email notification.

Once you’re happy with the customizations you made, save your changes.

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