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How to integrate Lootly with Omnisend
How to integrate Lootly with Omnisend

Connect your Omnisend account with Lootly and have customers’ loyalty data displayed in their customer profiles.

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Create targeted email marketing campaigns in your Omnisend email marketing tool based on customers’ loyalty data like points balance, VIP membership or unique referral url.

Follow this guide to integrate Lootly with Omnisend and learn how the integration works.

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Add Omnisend to your active integrations

  • Go to Integrations from the main menu in Lootly - > choose Omnisend

  • Click Connect and login into your Omnisend account. Once permissions are allowed the integration is complete.

  • Save your changes.

How the integration works

The integration will stream loyalty data into Omnisend whenever a customer's point balance changes.

If someone earns/spends points, Lootly will send updated loyalty data to Omnisend.

Lootly will send the following data points:

  • Point balance

  • VIP tier

  • Birthday

  • Referral url

And also affiliate data:

  • Affiliate Name

  • Affiliate Email

  • Affiliate Join Date

  • Affiliate Order Count

  • Affiliate Payout Total

These will appear as data fields that can be added to customer contacts:

If you don’t want to wait for data to be synced as point balance changes, you can do a manual sync.

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