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How to customize the affiliate registration page
How to customize the affiliate registration page

Learn about all the options you have in Lootly for customization of your affiliate registration page

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This guide will show you how to customize the look and feel of your Affiliate Registration Page and the terms and conditions section for the program.

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Affiliate Registration Page Design

To start customizing the design of the affiliate registration page, navigate to Display -> Affiliate Registration Page -> Page Design

Here, you can customize the following sections of the page:

Header Settings

  • Title - give your application page a title and choose the title color and title size

  • Header image - set a header image

Program Rules

As common practice, the following 4 program rules can be customized:

  • Purchase title, subtitle and icon

  • Cookie title, subtitle and icon

  • Commission type title, offer type subtitle and icon

  • Commission title, commission amount subtitle and icon

Program Design

  • Title text color and size

  • Subtitle text color and size

  • Program background color

Program Description

  • Description Title: text, color and font size

  • Description content

Apply and Disclaimer

  • Customize the button

  • Success Message Text

  • Error Message Text

Save and Preview your page design:

With this basic customization, your page is ready to be used and it will only allow you to collect the minimum amount of information from your applicants: Name and Email.

Keep reading to learn how to add custom form fields to your application.

Adding custom form fields

You may want to add more fields to your application form to collect more information about your affiliate applicants.

To do this, navigate to Display -> Affiliate Registration Page -> Form Fields.

You’ll see here that the Name and Email fields are already added, are mandatory and can not be changed.

From here you can add more form fields such as:

  • Custom field - this can be any type of info you want to collect

  • Company Name

  • Address Line 1 and 2

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Country

  • Phone

  • PayPal email

NOTE: all fields can be added on the page just once, except the custom field.

You can add as many custom fields as you want.

Pro tip: Allow your applicants to create their own coupon code

You can create a custom field in which your applicants can enter what they want their coupon code to say. Then simply customize the code in their profile in Lootly.

Configure your program’s Terms and Conditions

To get to this screen, navigate to Display -> Affiliate Registration Page -> Legal and Tracking -> Program Terms and Conditions

Here, you can customize the following:

Program terms description

  • Program Title

  • Description Text

  • Title text color and font size

Program Terms Acceptance

By default, the terms acceptance box is enabled.

You can disable it if you want to.

You can customize the following 2 options in this section:

  • Acceptance checkbox text

  • 18+ Age checkbox text

Save your changes.

Customize the affiliate registration page URL

If you want the registration page URL to have a specific look, you can do some customizations here as well.

Navigate to Affiliates -> Settings and scroll to the Registration Page URL box:

In this box, simply add what text you want to have in the URL AFTER the domain name and the "/aff_signup/" part.

So for example, if the registration page link is - you can customize just the part after /aff_signup/ (marked in bold in this example)

Note: the part after the /aff_signup/ needs to be unique, so we recommend to use your brand name here, entered either altogether, or separated with a hyphen.

We don't recommend using a generic term, such as "affiliate-registration", "affiliate-program" etc.

If you want to have your domain in the link, instead of Lootly's, please follow the guide to setting up your own custom sender domain.

Now that you’re done customizing, go to the affiliate registration page Preview option to check out the final look of your page.

Note: if you haven't added the registration page link into the widget (follow instructions for this here), the Preview button will not work.

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