How to manage your affiliate orders

Learn about the different actions you can take to manage your affiliate orders.

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When a customer places an order using the affiliate’s link or coupon code, this order will be shown in the Orders section of the program and it will have a corresponding status assigned to it.

From here, you can review the order and approve or decline it, send payment to the affiliate, view the affiliate profile or check why the order is blocked.

Understanding order status

There are several order statuses that can be ascribed to an incoming affiliate order in Lootly:

  • Approved - an affiliate order that has been approved by the merchant or automatically approved by the system based on the affiliate approval logic

  • Pending - all orders placed within the set cookie days will be “pending” and awaiting to be either approved/denied

  • Denied - the order has been denied by the merchant

  • Expired - the order was placed outside of set cookie days and it’s automatically marked “expired”

  • Blocked - Fraud - check out what is considered a fraudulent affiliate order

  • Blocked - SKU - the affiliate order includes product(s) which is excluded from earning commissions. Check out how to block products from earning affiliate commissions.

Managing pending orders

All new affiliate orders that follow the set cookie policy are pending orders in your Lootly affiliates account.

From the actions dropdown, you can do the following actions on a pending order:

  • Approve order

  • Decline Order

  • View Affiliate

You can also bulk approve orders.

For this, simply check the box of the orders you wish to bulk approve -> Click Bulk Approve:

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