How to set a default commission offer

Set the commission offer for all affiliate applicants.

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Your program must have a default offer configured.

This will be the offer all affiliate applications will automatically be assigned once approved.

You can always assign a different offer to an affiliate later.

Step 1: Create commission offer

Follow the steps in the guide on how to create a commission offer in Lootly Affiliates.

Step 2: Choose default offer

Once you have created your commission offers, choose which one will be default.

To do this:

Find the chosen commission offer -> click actions -> Set as default

A check mark will appear next to the offer in the Default Offer column.

This is the offer to which all new, approved affiliates will automatically be assigned.

How to assign a different commission offer to an affiliate

You can assign a different offer to an approved affiliate in 2 ways:

  • Affiliates -> find approved affiliate -> actions -> Change offer -> little popup window will allow you to change the offer:

  • Affiliates -> View Affiliate -> in their profile scroll down to the bottom of the page in the commission offer section ->actions -> change offer:

NOTE: you can change the commission offer only for an approved affiliate.

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