How to create a tiered commission offer
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You can offer a tiered commission structure in your affiliate program. This guide explains the different options at your disposal when creating a tiered commission offer.

Step 1: Create the commission offer

Go to Affiliates - Commission Offer -> Add Offer

Configure the basic offer elements : how to create a commission offer

Step 2: Choosing the commission structure

When you get to the commission structure section, from the Type dropdown choose Tiered.

Next, choose the calculation type. This can be based on:

  • Total sales

  • Order count

Next, add the commission tiers using the Add Commission button - you can add as many tiers as you want.

Here, you can set the ranges (if based on total sales) or the number of orders (if based on orders) and choose the type of commission you’ll give: Percent of Sale or Flat Rate.

Finally, add the commission terms.

Save your changes.

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