How to read the affiliate program report

Learn how to read the affiliate program report and get valuable information on the performance of your program.

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To learn more about the performance of your affiliate program, you can check the dedicated affiliate program report. The report offers a lot of information which you can utilize to make educated decisions regarding your overall sales efforts.

Affiliate report structure

The affiliate report has several sections for which you can obtain information:

  • Value generated

  • Investment

  • Shares

  • Clicks

  • Affiliates

Each box in the image above is interactive and offers a break-down of the metric.

Keep reading to learn more about what each metric represents and how it’s calculated.

Value generated

The value generated metric shows you how much revenue has been generated through your affiliate program run with Lootly.

This metric is calculated as follows: we take the total value of the affiliate order minus the order discounts, affiliate commission and Lootly's 1% fee, then the total left over is the value generated.

Example: Order is $100 - $10 discount code - $5 affiliate commission - $1 Lootly platform fee = value generated is $84

If you click on the box, you’ll see this additional information:

  • Total Value generated - total revenue generated by the affiliate program in the specified time period

  • Top offers - this table also shows the number of orders each offer generated in the specified time period and the value each offer generated;

  • Top offers by average order value - will show what is the AOV of each offer

  • The order count - how many orders were placed in the specified period

  • The AOV as a whole


Investment is the amount of money you invested in the affiliate program as a whole.

More precisely:

Investment = Order discounts + Platform Fee + Commissions


You can also see the ROI of your program here.

The ROI is defined as a performance metric used to determine how successful your affiliate marketing program is for your brand.

It is a key indicator of the effectiveness of your affiliate program.

The formula to calculate your affiliate marketing campaign ROI looks like this:

(Affiliate Marketing Value Generated – Affiliate Marketing Investment) / Affiliate Marketing Investment x 100 = ROI %.

Offer ROI performance

On top of the overall program ROI performance, you can also see the ROI of each individual and enabled offer in your program.

This data can also be exported.


Displays the number of times an affiliate clicks one of the share methods on the affiliate block in the widget such as Facebook, SMS etc.


Displays the number of unique clicks a potential customer makes on the shared offer link.


Here you can get a break down on:

Channel Revenue Performance - tells you which channel that affiliates use brings you the most revenue

Payment methods popularity - which payment method are you using the most to issue commission payments

Top affiliates - shows your top affiliates sorted by different criteria (you can filter the affiliates in the Sort dropdown)

Let us know if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

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