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Understanding your Lootly Dashboard
Understanding your Lootly Dashboard

Get information on your programs’ effectiveness.

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You’ve launched your programs and it’s now time to start monitoring and seeing whether your setup works well or it needs to be tweaked a bit.

The first thing to look at is your Lootly dashboard to get a snapshot of your program’s health and then you can drill into the different reports to answer any other questions you may have.

This article explains the data you can get from your dashboard and gives direction on where to look for answers on the more complex questions you may have when you’re analyzing your programs’ performance.

The dashboard

The Lootly dashboard gives you instant access to 4 types of information:

  • New program members - shows the number of new people who have joined your program.

  • Points earned - the total number of points earned during the selected time period

  • Activities completed - the number of activities such as earning or spending actions completed. This can also show the engagement rate with your program.

  • Value generated - the value your program has helped you generate for the business during the selected time period.

Each of these boxes is interactive, meaning if you click on it a breakdown of the metric is displayed to give you even more information related to it.

Answering all your questions about the program’s performance

To get more information on your programs, you’d want to explore the reports section as well as the activity section on each program.

Then, for a more complex analysis, you can explore the segments.

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