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Introduction to Insights & Reports
Introduction to Insights & Reports

Learn how well your loyalty & referrals program is working for your business

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Lootly makes it easy to visually see what's working with your loyalty program, what areas could use improvement in order to help you make adjustments in real-time.

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Types of Reports

Lootly offers 4 types of content reports each filled with varying amounts of data to help you get the entire picture of your programs.

These types are: 

  • Program Overview

  • Referrals

  • Affiliates

  • Emails

Program Overview

The program overview reporting section helps you understand what point actions & rewards are being utilized the most, in addition to understanding the overall value Lootly is generating for your business. 

This reporting section has the following sub-reports to view: 

  • Value Generated - this shows your total reward referral and affiliate revenue and order count. This is basically the amount of net value of an order after a Lootly coupon is used and also a referral order and an affiliate order. This is the #1 most important metric merchants look at to determine how well Lootly is working for them. When analyzing value generated, please take into account that this is gross profit, and the end result will depend on your expenses.

  • Investment - this shows the value of each reward being utilized by a customer, in addition to how much you are spending per month on Lootly. 

  • Points Earned - this shows your popular earning actions

  • Rewards Issued - this shows your popular spending rewards. If you click on Rewards Issued, the breakdown will also show you important information like redemptions and value generated from each reward you're offering in the program. This type of information is important if you're looking to analyze whether customers are finding your rewards valuable and interesting enough to interact with.

Utilizing this data can help you understand what customers love about your rewards program, such as what point actions they are using the most or which items they are redeeming for rewards. 


If you're utilizing the referrals program at Lootly, this report is meant to help you understand how well it's working for your business. In addition, to showing which social sites are driving the most traffic to your site - and their related orders. 

This reporting section has the following sub-reports to view: 

  • Value Generated - this shows your total referral revenue, order count and avg order value. 

  • Shares - easily see which sharing options are driving the most traffic to your site, split into easy to read graphs for Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


  • Clicks - similar to shares, this section indicates which sharing option has the most clicks. 


Check out all the details about the affiliate report in this article:


The emails report gives you information about how customers interact with the email notifications from the system.

To learn how to enable/disable the system notifications check out this guide:

This report will allow you to get email metrics and check the email activity for 8 types of email notifications during a 7, 30 and 45 days time period.

The report will produce information on:

Emails sent

Open rate

Click rate - this will track clicks on the button in the notification, not other links inserted by you during customization.

Emails bounced

In the Activity section, you'll be able to see detailed breakdown of the report by customer name, email address, type of email they received and date.

You can also search by email in the report to get specific information.

Once the report is generated, it can also be exported.

email notifications report


  1. How can I see which are my most popular rewards?

    • Navigate to Program Overview and click on Rewards Issued. You'll get information on how many rewards were issued from each enabled reward type, how many redemptions there were and how much value has each reward type generated for the brand. This will show you which reward (type) is most popular with customers.

  2. How can I see how much are all the issued points to customers worth?

    • For this number, you'll need the total amount of the current point balances of customers divided by your lowest point requirement for a reward redemption. For example, if you offer 3 rewards:

      $5 off = 100 pts

      $10 off = 500 pts

      $25 off = 1000 pts - you'd take the 100 pts for the calculation.

      To get the total number of points, you can export this from your customers portal or you can reach out to us directly to get a faster result.

    • Essentially, the number will show you how much value are customers currently holding in your store and will give you guidance on whether you need to promote the rewards more aggressively and strategically or reconsider point expiration period.

3. I'm trying to understand how many customers have taken advantage of our custom rewards.

  • First you want to make sure you have a specific time frame in which you'd be looking for data. Is it last 30 days? Lat 7 days? Last year?

    Once you have the time frame, simply go to Points -> Activity -> Filter by the custom reward you want to analyze -> Filter points to "spend" and you'll get the information. This report will show you how many people spent points for the specific reward and who are they (you can access their profile by clicking on their name). If you want to also analyze how much value have your custom rewards generated over time, you can go to the Reports ->Program Overview -> Rewards Issued -> in the analytics box at the bottom check the custom reward in question to see how many redemptions versus rewards issued there are and how much value has been generated.

Note: the same process can be applied to analyzing all types of rewards that are enabled in your program.

4. How many customers have been referred to us since we started using Lootly, and how much did those referred customers spend on our site?

  • You can get this information by analyzing your referral activity (Referrals -> Activity) in the time period since you launched your referral program. Once you set the time period, filter the data by referral status " Order with coupon" - this will show you all the successful referral receivers who have placed an order with the referral code shared with them. Then you can export this data and do a calculation of the total order value to see how much these people spend on your site. You can also do a faster analysis (if you're not interested in who the receivers are and don't need to check their profiles), and get this information from Program Overview -> Rewards Issued -> analyze the Receiver Reward metric.

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