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How to integrate Lootly with Dotdigital
How to integrate Lootly with Dotdigital

Connect your Dotdigital account with Lootly and have customers’ loyalty data displayed in their customer profiles.

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Create personalized email marketing campaigns in your Dotdigital email marketing tool based on customers’ loyalty data like points balance, VIP tier or unique referral url.

Follow this guide to integrate Lootly with Dotdigital and learn how the integration works.

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Add Dotdigital to your active integrations

  • Go to Integrations from the main menu in Lootly - > choose Dotdigital -> click Connect

Step 2: Enter in your API user - username and password

To get started utilizing the Dotdigital integration with Lootly, you'll first need to create an new API user. To do this:

  1. Expand the User menu and select Settings.

  2. Go to Access > API Users

  3. Click on New User

  4. Once you've followed the settings below > click Save.

When creating your API user, please make sure you set the following settings:

  • Set "Rate limiting" to: Tiered

  • Set "Description" to: Lootly

  • Ensure the status is set to: Enabled

After the user is created, go back to the Lootly Dotdigital settings page and enter in your newly created API username and password.

Enable the integration and save your changes.

How the integration works

The integration will automatically push loyalty data into Dotdigital whenever a customer's point balance changes. If someone earns/spends points, Lootly will send updated loyalty data to Dotdigital.

The data points we send include:

  • Point balance - (numeric value)

  • Referral URL - (text value)

  • Birthday - (date value)

  • VIP Tier - (text value)


Simply connecting Dotdigital will not automatically update every customer at the point of connection. It will only update the next time their balance changes. This change triggers the sync.

If you wish to instantly sync customer loyalty data with your email marketing tool, you can do a manual sync.

You're all set.

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