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How to configure VIP paid membership
How to configure VIP paid membership

Learn how to configure and run a paid VIP membership program for your e-store.

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You may want to offer a one-time paid (not a recurring monthly one) membership program for your brand.

This can be done on top of the program that runs based on points earned or amount spent.

This guide explains how to configure this in Lootly and offer it to your customers.

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Step 1: Create the VIP tier

Go to VIP -> Tiers -> Add tier

Step 2: Choose the entry criteria for the tier

Once you create a new tier, you’ll notice in the general settings that you can choose how will people enter this tier (based on which criteria) -> choose Paid Membership:

You’ll need to add a product ID - this is how Lootly will know that someone bought a membership on your website and will instantly place them in this VIP tier, unlocking all benefits of the tier.

Add the membership price - the price is just a display / vanity text so the customer knows how much the paid membership is.

Note: Lootly doesn't manage the payments for the tier membership. This is something you should configure and manage on your end. Lootly will simply manage the members and the program's offer once they buy their membership.

Note: Also note that Lootly will not manage the membership itself. Meaning, if the customer doesn't repurchase the membership after the time period (1 year or 1 month), Lootly can't remove them from the program, unless you're using Paywhirl.

Step 2: Finish configuring the tier

As you would configure a regular VIP program tier, add the tier benefits, make design customizations and any conditions you’d like to apply to this tier.

You can learn more about configuring a VIP tier here.

Enable the tier and Save your changes.

You’re all set!

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