How the affiliate program works

Learn the affiliate program flow.

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The affiliate program is designed to help you manage affiliates in a simple, clear and easy way. This article explains the affiliate process flow and links you to dedicated articles which will help you learn how to configure each aspect of this process to fit your unique needs.

Create Commission Offer(s)

The first step in configuring your affiliate program is to set up your commission offer(s).

You can set different commission offer types:

  • Percentage of sales %

  • Flat rate

  • Tiered

You can fully customize the commission offer.

You can add as many commission offers as you want.

Add the affiliate registration page link to your website and in the widget

The affiliate registration page link is the most important front-end element of your affiliate program. This is the page your potential affiliates will see and will have to use to apply to your program.

With Lootly, you can customize this page and get a link to deploy on your website.

The affiliate registration page link is generated automatically when you set your default commission offer.

Adding the registration page link to the widget

The second most important step to enabling the affiliate program is to add the registration page link into the widget.

To do this:

  • Go to Display -> Widget -> edit

  • In the Welcome settings box, scroll down to the Affiliate link section and add the registration page link here:

Save your changes!

Enable the affiliate program

To do this, navigate to Affiliates -> Settings -> Enable -> Save

Your program is now enabled and visible to your affiliates.

Manage affiliate program applicants

Once you’ve added your affiliate registration page link to your site, it is available to potential applicants. They can send their applications for you to review and approve or deny.

All submitted applications will be available for management in the Affiliates tab.

A new application will show the status “Pending” meaning you need to take action to either approve it or deny it:

As a quick view, you can check how many pending applications you have in the Overview section of your Affiliates program:

You can also create an affiliate manually as well as import affiliates in bulk.

Managing new affiliate orders

Once the affiliate application is approved, the affiliate is able to share their link or coupon code and start generating new orders for you.

When a new customer places an order through the affiliate link or uses the affiliate coupon code, this order will be visible for you under the Orders tab.

From here, you can approve or deny the order as well as see if the order is blocked due to a fraud attempt.

Sending Commission Payments to Affiliates

Once an affiliate order is accepted, the next step is to send the commission payment to the affiliate.

The commission is calculated at the time of order approval and is assigned as a pending commission for the affiliate.

From here, you need to send the payment via the affiliate’s chosen payment method.

Usually this is done at the end of the month, however it is entirely up to you when you wish to send out the commissions.

Tracking the performance of your affiliate program

To see how the program performs in various areas, you can check the Affiliate Report.

This is accessed in Reports -> Affiliates from your main Lootly menu.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the live chat.

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