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How to deploy Lootly on a headless website
How to deploy Lootly on a headless website

Steps to deploy Lootly on a headless store.

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If your store is running on a headless ecommerce site, you can still integrate it with Lootly through a slightly different integration process.

Please note: this may require you to use the help of a developer.

Step 1: Integrate Lootly with the backend ecommerce platform

In a headless scenario, the backend is usually one of the popular ecommerce platforms.

For this step, you simply need to follow the integration guide for your platform:

Once you're done, on to step 2.

Step 2: Add the widget to the front end

Once the ecommerce platform is successfully connected to Lootly, the next step is to add the frontend element, the program widget.

For this step, follow step 3 of this guide: API setup guide

Once the widget script is successfully added in the front end platform, you're all set.

Note: you will need to make sure customer data from the backend platform is streaming into the widget in the frontend. Otherwise, when the customer signs in into their store account, they will not be signed automatically in the program widget and will not be able to see their loyalty data.

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